1. Small sample size used for cultivation, especially for neonatal and kids.
  2. Exceptional accuracy and sensitivity in determining the microorganism growth
  3. Stabilizing the growth temperature of microorganisms during the process of growth
  4. Contains specific nutrition using for microorganisms’ growth which do not grow in normal medium
  5. Contains resins specifically for absorbing anti-biotic exist in clinical sample (the bacteria which prevent the microorganisms to grow, and result in negative cultivation. Even in the case of consuming anti-biotic, the positive cultivation in sepsis is possible.
  6. Cradle move once in 10 seconds in every rows of vials exist in incubator
  7. Growing the anaerobic microorganism without using the Gas Pack or other anaerobic­ systems
  8. Response time to the patient is faster.
  9. Fast determination of slow-growing (i.e. mycobacterium) by the means of dedicated vials
  10. Response time to the patient is faster.

Cultivation medium feature (Bactec Vial):

  • Consists of a cultivation medium with the nutritious fluid
  • Consists of Radioisotope 96
  • The sensors at the end of each vial in device will detect the 14CO2 and alarm.
  • Each bottle causes such alarms is considered as the positive bottle and is cultivated for detecting the kind of bacteria after being exited.

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